Your Monthly Social

Your Monthly Social

by Sara Whatley

A new social group starting this February in Hurstpierpoint is set to be a fun new feature for the village. Sara Whatley talks to the founders Ann and Dianne

Sometimes blessings come in disguise. This was certainly the case for the Hurstpierpoint afternoon WI, which ceased to be at the end of 2018. Two of the newer members of the group, Dianne and Ann felt they could not just sit back and see the group disappear, so they got their heads together and created the Hurst Monthly Social Group.

“I felt so sad that the ladies in the group, some of whom have been coming for 40 years, would not have their afternoon social anymore,” said Dianne when I met with her and Ann to discuss their new venture. They both feel that this sort of social group is vitally important to a community and makes it a much richer place, not only in terms of the social element for the members and creating a cohesive community, but also for the educational and interest aspect.

Both Ann and Dianne want to emphasise that the new group is very much looking forward to accommodating both men and women and to that end they have planned a varied schedule of monthly speakers to cater for all interests. “At our inaugural meeting on the 6th February Mak Norman will be delighting us with a presentation on the Anglo Saxons in Sussex with a slide show, poetry, riddles, runes and examples of the Old English Language. Our second meeting on the 6th March will have Ian Gledhill presenting Art Deco, the style that defined the jazz era and the golden age of the Hollywood musicals. These first two meetings are free of charge with an annual membership fee of £30 from April 2019. Other speakers during the year will include Jo Kadish from the RNLI, Alfreda Thorogood on her life as a Ballerina, Stephen Hand about the Coast Guards, Amanda Browne about her personal experience on life as a funeral arranger and Colin Trumble, a local District Councillor.

“Members can also expect a fun summer garden party and a festive Christmas get-together,” said Ann. The group will run on the first Wednesday of each month starting in February from 2-4pm in the Guide Hut, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9UY, and of course there will be tea and biscuits at each meeting. “We are really looking forward to welcoming new members to the group, in fact anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join us.”

And what do Hurst Monthly Social Group have planned for the future? “We would love to see sub groups set up – walking, book clubs, craft meetings, outings – whatever our members are interested in,” Ann said. “We want to be a social hub, a group to make our community even stronger and a fun and educational space as well – please come and join us!” l

For more information call Dianne on 01273 835284 or Ann on 07806 670359