Winter Wedding? Yes

Winter Wedding? Yes

by Hanna Prince

From pop-up hot chocolate bars to pets on the guest list, Hanna Prince rounds up this season’s must-try wedding trends

Wedding season traditionally kicks off in spring, but there’s an increasing fashion for tying the knot during the colder months. Why? It isn’t just for practical reasons – although bargains on beautiful venues, better availability and less competition for suppliers are all potential pros. The real draw of getting married in the winter is that it’s hands down the most romantic time of year. Who wouldn’t be seduced by roaring log fires, candle-lit aisles and vats of mulled wine? What’s more, there are plenty of creative trends to choose from this winter that will help make your frost-framed wedding even more special. Here’s our pick of the best.


When the evenings start drawing in, there’s even more opportunity to get imaginative with lighting. Soft fairy lights, flickering fires and candles can all help create a romantic ambience, but it’s lanterns that are really having a moment this year. Use them as table centrepieces, hang them in clusters from ceilings or have your bridesmaids hold them as they follow you down the aisle.


Forget the traditional white meringue – your winter wedding dress can be as ground-breaking as you choose. Black and copper accents are both in style this season, while neutral and ivory tones trump bright white. Extravagant capes dominated the bridal catwalks for 2019 and couldn’t be more perfect for crisper weather conditions. Add a touch of winter bling with pearls incorporated into accessories or sewn onto dresses.

For grooms, best men and ushers, bold colours have never been more popular. Take inspiration from the season with holly greens and night-sky navies – or be bold with your wedding suit and embrace the rising trend for muted burgundy.


The trends set by Harry and Meghan’s wedding are set to far outlast the summer. The royal couple kept their flowers simple and went big on greenery instead, sparking a winter friendly craze for evergreen backdrops. Rumour has it that Harry picked his bride’s bouquet the day before the wedding – so why not put a little time aside to hand-craft a seasonal bouquet from holly and mistletoe? Meghan also donned a second dress for her night- time reception. If your fancy has fallen on a skimpy number for the ceremony, choosing a long-sleeved evening gown could be the ideal way to stave off the cold.


Couples are increasingly going the extra mile to keep guests comfortable and entertained. Photo booths, bouncy castles and outdoor games are enduringly popular at summer weddings, but if you’re planning a cold-weather bash then there are even more opportunities to get creative. Take advantage of dark evenings to wow your crowd with reworks and sparkler displays. Leave pashminas and blankets on chairs for guests to snuggle up in. Coffee and hot chocolate bars are the latest craze, perfect for warding o the chill. Another cockle-warming option is to serve warm canapés instead of the traditional cold offerings – mini pasty, anyone?


There’s an increasing trend towards smaller guest lists that only include close friends and family – but the fashion for minimalism doesn’t include four-legged mates. More and more people are embracing animals in their celebrations, either as key figures in the ceremony or as fun additions to the guest list. Want to walk down the aisle with the special pet in your life? Or perhaps you’d like to add a touch of mystique with an owl swooping down the aisle, or even – a true festive touch – a reindeer to greet your guests.


Regardless of seasonal trends, there are a few hacks you can employ to make sure that your winter wedding goes smoothly. Try tights under your wedding dress, have shawls ready for the bridesmaids and make sure kids are warmly dressed – you don’t want key moments marred by tantrums. Adjust your photo schedule to take advantage of the light and consider pulling your ceremony forward so the wedding procession doesn’t leave in the dark. Get the planning right, and the memories from your winter wedding will last a lifetime.