Winter Lawn Care Continues – Unless It’s Frozen Or Soaked!

Winter Lawn Care Continues – Unless It’s Frozen Or Soaked!

by Green Thumb

Wherever you live in Britain and however changeable our weather, the only must about Winter lawn care is to let the kids make a snowman on the grass!

Given milder Winter temperatures of 5 degrees or more, your grass will continue to grow. On warmer, drier days, local lawn care specialists GreenThumb advise cutting it to keep it tidy. But make sure your mower blade – avoid using a hard-to-handle cylinder – is sharp, and snip off only the top quarter of grass.

After a Summer and Autumn of heavy lawn use, the soil may be quite compacted. In the right conditions – with no waterlogging, severe frost, snow or ice – their Hollow-Tine Aerating machine can ventilate the soil/roots, so more air, water and nutrients reach them. Machine Scarification then vigorously reduces thatch – a layer of dead grass and other debris – where moss grows.

Iron Controls Moss

They can apply an Autumn/Winter feed between now and March. This encourages grass hardiness rather than growth, while iron sulphate controls moss by desiccation.

Still and wet days mean a lawn fungus called Microdochium Patch (Fusarium) may occur, especially on unattended grass. Snow Mould – very noticeable after snow thaws – is a white growth that can cause dead patches and may need their quick intervention with a last-resort fungicide.

Let GreenThumb give your lawn a Winter or early-Spring treat, and you’ll have healthy grass for everyone to enjoy next summer.

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