Window Wonder; The Window Shutter Company

Window Wonder; The Window Shutter Company

By Ruth Lawrence

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Windows are the eyes of a house; as well as framing the world for the occupants they personalise the outer appearance of the building. Shutters bridge that crucial visual space between inside and out.

Window Shutter Company 2Tim and Liz Sawyers, who set up The Window Shutter Company two years ago, explained the enormous impact well chosen shutters can have on a property both to owner and onlooker. From full height shutters that cover the whole window, to a light maximising café style or the fully flexible tier on tier system, shutters can add a completely different personality to a plain window or door. Bay windows look absolutely stunning with shutters which tend to flatter awkward angles; they are certainly the only option that works for unusually shaped round, arched or triangular windows. “Shutters not only look great on period properties, but add a contemporary twist to any house including new builds,” Liz explained.

Window Shutter CompanyIt’s not all about looks; shutters add kerb appeal and value to a property whilst reducing noise and improving heat insulation and they can act as a burglar deterrent.

Child friendly, due to lack of cords, shutters have a neat, uncluttered appearance and are durable while being exceptionally easy to clean and operate.

Tim added that shutter frames can be fitted onto the outside of a window reveal or sit inside according to personal preference. Choices are offered at every stage of the design; louvre width according to privacy or light required, material and colour depending on the feel you wish to create and the shape and style which will largely be dictated by the windows they are to dress.

Window Shutter Company 3Liz has noticed that customers often fit shutters in their lounge then decide to install them in bedrooms after discovering they work so well downstairs.

Once Tim has visited a potential customer to find out their needs, he measures the windows

and gives a written quote with a lead time of 7-10 weeks to being installed by a qualified fitter. Unlike many companies, there is no minimum order as customers often wish to try living with shutters

before installing them throughout their property. Liz and Tim publish a superb brochure which outlines everything clearly with large photographs and comprehensive descriptions of each style and permutation of shutter.

Before starting the company, Tim had been product and training manager for one of the UK’s main shutter suppliers and his expertise has ensured a constant stream of satisfied customers who have passed on recommendations to friends and family.

Covering the whole of the South East, Tim and Liz are keen to share these timeless window shutters with customers in Mid Sussex who wish to add beauty, value and practicality to their home.


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