Experience Virtual Reality At Woodgate Pease Pottage

Experience Virtual Reality At Woodgate Pease Pottage

Woodgate at Pease Pottage, the idyllic new housing development located in the picturesque Mid-Sussex countryside, is offering a unique experience for potential house buyers. Integrating advanced technology into the home viewing experience, local innovative Sussex developers, Thakeham Homes, aim to inspire house buyers with a virtual reality (VR) experience.

No matter how talented the designers and architects are, its often a leap of faith and vivid imagination from the potential homeowner to really get them excited. However, this is changing with the ability to now see the designs first-hand with this ambitious technology. Potential buyers are now able to view properties in true-to-life definition with the VR experience that produces 360-degree sights. They are able to immerse themselves in the state-of-the-art technology with their very own self-guided tours – they can walk down the streets of their future community, see the high-quality design of the houses in detail, marvel at the carefully thought-out green areas that fill the development, as well as getting a sneak peek at their future garden and even look out of the windows.

The experience enables viewers to explore all aspects of the property and street in incredible detail. The unique viewing ability is created to a high degree of accuracy, delivering a realistic feeling of the space and scale available – similar to that of a physical viewing, but with the advantage of being able to explore multiple properties in the time that it would take to visit just one home. This technology revolutionises house viewing by saving time and adding convenience for buyers, who often travel far and spend money on viewing homes unsuitable for them.

With Woodgate’s choice of look and design – whether it be the classic and traditional feel of the Thakeham homes, or the contemporary and modern feel of the Alphium homes, the VR is able to encapsulate both and make it easy for the home buyer to make their difficult decision.

Changing the future of housing, technology is a welcome addition to the industry. This fast, efficient and simple to use solution can transform and modernise the housing industry, and Woodgate want to ensure that future owners are able to experience their community in exceptional detail.

The Woodgate Show Homes are now open to view, in addition to exploring further into their new community via using the VR headsets. Call 01293 225 615 or Visit MyWoodgate.co.uk to book a personal appointment with the friendly sales team. The marketing suite is open daily from 10am to 5pm.