Unchain Your Heart with jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall

Unchain Your Heart with jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall

By Sasha Kanal


Lose yourself in the beauty of jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall’s bespoke creations

On first meeting jewellery designer Svetlana Marshall, it’s clear that this is a woman positively brimming with creativity, warmth and a zest for life. All this is perfectly reflected in her unique jewellery concept – an exquisite line of chain jewellery that can be styled how you want and for any occasion.

The striking and graceful Svetlana demonstrates her ‘Pautinka’ chain. Made with the highest grade, sterling silver and consisting of five moveable rings (themselves intricately crafted from chain), the chain ends are threaded through each ring to create endless variations and looks. This is so much more than statement jewellery – when wearing Svetlana’s pieces, it’s almost as if you yourself become the designer, experimenting with different styles. It’s the ultimate in versatile and multi-functional jewellery. A thread of the chain through here, a twist there and an outfit is transformed. Whether it’s a little black dress or plain t-shirt, the possibilities are endless.

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As Svetlana explains: “I see my creations as a form of art for the body. Women can express themselves through my jewellery. The way you drape the chains can enhance the natural line, just as a dress designer does with cloth. They will always look individual because no woman wears them the same.”

Svetlana understands the aesthetics of the human form, having been a choreographer in her own dance school in Belarus, where she has her roots. Dance is very much an inspiration for Svetlana and she talks animatedly about the recent video she’s made with two professional dancers to showcase her designs.

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Based in Sayers Common since 2013, Svetlana’s business started with a one-off design for a friend. “The impact was instant. People would constantly come up to me and comment on my jewellery, asking me where they could buy it. It never fails to turn heads,” she laughs.

Svetlana’s passion is infectious and her reputation growing. In 2013 she won a coveted British Jewellery Association Award for her work and this year she plans to launch a handbag line featuring her signature metal chains.

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Prices start from £25 for the versatile ‘Fashion Chains’ range in a number of colourways, rising to £1000 for a bespoke commission in sterling silver or gold plate – perfect for brides wanting something absolutely original on their wedding day.

All jewellery is handmade to order and regardless of whether you’ve paid £25 or more for a piece, when you put on Svetlana’s creations you can look directional or classic, edgy or romantic, like a Bond girl or a medieval siren-the choice is all yours.

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