National Trust And Nymans Announce New Partnership With Alzheimer’s Society

National Trust And Nymans Announce New Partnership With Alzheimer’s Society

National Trust Nymans, near Haywards Heath, is teaming up with Alzheimer’s Society on a new project to create a garden. Planned for launch in 2019 and taking health and wellbeing as its focus, the garden will see the team at Nymans working alongside several community groups and organisations.

The new garden will be created within the ruined Great Hall which was lost in a catastrophic fire in 1947. The space left behind provides an exciting opportunity to design a new garden within its enclosed walls. Gardeners at the well- known Sussex garden have creatively reimagined the space and aim to fill it with enormous pots and containers, troughs and supports. They hope to do this with the help and partnership of community groups. The Alzheimer Society is the first in a series of planned collaborations.

People living well with dementia and their carers from Alzheimer’s Society Crawley Forward Thinking Group, Horsham Rusty Brains and the Mid Sussex Dementia Forum were recently invited to the garden to meet staff and discuss plans and ideas for the garden. Nymans General Manager, Zara Luxford, says: ‘It was wonderful to welcome the group to Nymans for a brain storming session. We all know someone who’s been affected by dementia and we’ll be working alongside Alzheimer’s Society to make the garden as a whole more dementia friendly as well as creating a special new space in the garden in the ruins.’

She added: ‘We’re busy fundraising to open the garden in the ruins to all of our visitors in 2019 and have already raised just over £40,000 in this year’s raffle for repairs to the fabric of the ruin. More funds are urgently needed to make sure we can create a garden for the benefit of all our visitors and community groups.’

People with dementia reported feeling trapped in their own homes and let down by their communities, with only one in three  getting out once a week and one in ten managing this once a month, according to Alzheimer’s Society.

Ryan Tyler, Alzheimer’s Society Services Manager for Sussex, said: “We’re thrilled Nymans are working with people affected by dementia from three of our groups from West Sussex – Crawley Forward Thinking Group, Mid Sussex Dementia Forum and the Horsham Rusty Brains – to support the garden in the partially ruined Great Hall.”

Ryan went on to say: “Many people with dementia are not able to take part in activities they enjoyed before they developed the condition, they want to engage with society but need support. And that’s why it’s fantastic news that Nymans are working with people affected by dementia to help make the garden more dementia friendly.”

You can find out more about the garden in the ruins project by visiting Nymans website and support the project by either buying a raffle ticket when you visit or donating online.