Tried Everything, But You're Still Overweight?

Tried Everything, But You’re Still Overweight?

Get the help that you need…

Rachel Ricketts, a leading weight loss consultant, has helped thousands of people to finally lose and maintain their weight with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

Improving the metabolic rate

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme helps to increase the fat burning process while slowing down the fat storage process. This highly successful tried and tested programme does not involve meal replacements, diet shakes or diet pills. It is easy to follow and, more importantly, it works! Age does not seem to be a barrier, clients range from 9-90 years old.

Motivating weight loss

The expected average weight loss is 7-14lb a month, this is especially welcome for those who struggle with slow weight loss.

Health improvements

Clients often comment on just how impressed their doctors or consultants are with their weight loss and health improvements. “My doctor is very happy – I’ve been able to come o blood pressure and cholesterol medication.” Another client’s doctor said, ‘All my lady patients on thyroid medication are struggling to lose weight, but you’ve lost 2 1⁄2 stone despite being on thyroxin –well done!’

One-to-one support

Clients welcome the personalised one-to-one support saying they couldn’t have lost the weight without the non-judgemental approach, understanding and encouragement of Rachel and her team. Consultations are available every 7-10 days with email support as needed, there are no group meetings.

For those who are not able to visit, an effective remote support service is provided throughout the UK and overseas.

If you have tried everything to lose weight or are just starting to tackle your weight problem, The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme could be just what you’re looking for!

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Nicki lost 3 1⁄2 stone

“My weight was increasing, dieting became a vicious circle. I feel amazing now I have lost 3 1⁄2 stone, my health has improved and I love clothes again. The programme is great value for money. A massive thank you to Rachel for all her support.”