The Party Patch Up

The Party Patch Up

by Sara Whatley

How do you look your best over the busy festive season? Take a look at Sara Whatley’s Christmas beauty survival guide and face the parties with your head held high!

Time for family and reflection, time for friends, time for fun and time for feasting. In my eyes that’s what Christmas is all about, not faffing about with tricky makeup looks or curling tongs – you want to look your best, but you need it to be quick and long lasting.

Not a problem. Follow these tips and tricks for a beautiful and fashion faux pas free festive season. Alternatively, stay in your PJ’s and hibernate to your heart’s content. I know what I’ll be doing!


Be like a good girl scout and always be prepared. Office Christmas party after work? Make sure you bring spare tights to overcome embarrassing ladder situations, pop a safety pin in your purse for securing gaping tops and bring rolled up ballet pumps for when your heels get too pinchy on the dance floor. Do your nails in advance to avoid smudges and have a couple of outfit options at the ready to overcome last minute fluster.


Time is precious at Christmas and you don’t want to be pampering for hours, so look good, fast! Keep makeup to a minimum; this means there is less to go wrong through the day or night. Always wear primer for a longer lasting look and remember powders last longer than creams. Choose matt lips for staying power and waterproof mascara for panda-free eyes.

If you like bouncy tresses sleep in a plait or rollers instead of curling on the day, or for ultimate ease scoop your hair into a high pony or messy bun – I love a ‘done’ face and ‘undone’ hair combo.


For quick brightening fixes through the day or night keep eye drops at the ready to banish red, tired peepers, and a dewy-look facial spray or makeup fixer will lift and refresh your look. A spritz of your favourite perfume is a great pick me up too. Sort out lank or frizzy barnets with a quick spray of hairspray and a scrunch, and for a trusted super easy Christmas fix just add glitter! Eyes, cheeks, nails, lips, jumper, whatever goes. Remember to get some shut eye between the celebrations and you will be a shining star this Christmas.