Take Me Home... Purrrlease

Take Me Home… Purrrlease

by Sara Whatley

Based in Mid Sussex, Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Centre is home to a host of lovely cats, many of whom are looking to be adopted. Read on to find out how you can help our furry friends.

Paws & Claws in Sayers Common is a haven for homeless cats. It is run by a dedicated group of volunteers, who all happily give their time and energy to look after the resident felines, and as a small charity, it depends entirely upon the vital efforts of a dedicated band of fundraisers and the local community. Events such as coffee mornings, book fairs and an annual Open Day, this year on the 12th July from 2-4pm, bring in much needed funds, all of which go directly to the benefit of the cats at the Centre.

Founded in 1977 by Pauline Cantor with the help of five friends and £30, Paws & Claws provided a much needed service in the Mid Sussex area. Now 38 years on, the animal rescue service is still going strong. Surrounded by the rolling Downs, the Rescue Centre comprises two Homing blocks where each cat has a comfortable pen and an outside run. There is also an Isolation unit where the cats go on first arrival. For the older, long-term residents there is a special home called the Pavilion which is completely furnished for their comfort, with a sitting room, covered patio and garden.

I met with Lyn, who is Chairman of the charity. She explained how gratifying it is to work with these animals, and to see them happily re-homed. “If we ever get kittens they get re-homed immediately, but it is the older residents who take longer to find homes for.” Lyn went on to explain how many of the older cats would make perfect companions for someone, and how lots of them still have many happy years left to enjoy.

The cats at Paws & Claws arrive there through no fault of their own. Their previous owners may have gone into a nursing home, they may be longterm strays or perhaps got pushed out of the family home with the arrival of children. Whatever their back-story, Lyn emphasizes that the care for older cats is vital, and not to forget the forgotten.

Paws and ClawsThere are many ways in which you can make a difference to these cat’s lives, from donating cat food and toys, to raising funds and enjoying the fundraising events throughout the year. One of the biggest ways to support them is to sponsor a long-term resident, or even better still, to give a cat a new home.

The friendly staff at Paws & Claws are on hand through the whole adoption process, from your first visit to the Centre, to support and advise after you and your new companion have gone home. “It really is so rewarding to adopt,” Lyn tells me. “It provides you with a loving companion, and gives a new lease of life to the cat.” What a wonderful gift to give.

Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Centre

Visits by appointment only. To adopt a cat contact Val on 01444 457758, and to sponsor a resident cat contact Lyn on 01444 459464.

Email: info@pawsandclaws-ars.org.uk

Website: www.pawsandclaws-ars.org.uk