Tails Are Wagging For Assistance Dog Charity’s Christmas Campaign

Tails Are Wagging For Assistance Dog Charity’s Christmas Campaign

Dogs are wagging their tails to promote a local assistance dog charity’s fundraising campaign for The Big Give Christmas Challenge at the end of November.

Canine Partners, a charity based near Midhurst, West Sussex, is promoting their ‘The Big Wag’ campaign by inviting members of the public to share their pet’s best wagging tails.

The charity trains amazing assistance dogs to transform the lives of people living with disabilities across the UK, boosting their confidence and independence.

The dogs are taught a range of everyday tasks including picking up and retrieving items, opening doors and undressing a person. They can even help to load and unload a washing machine and they can fetch help in an emergency.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is set to run from midday on Tuesday 27 November to midday on Tuesday 4 December, with any donations made online through The Big Give’s website being doubled until the charity reaches its fundraising target of £45,000, making a total of £90,000.

“The fundraising total of £90,000 would provide vital funds to the charity and we are hoping it’ll bring us a step closer to re-opening our waiting list by the end of 2019,” says Anne Yendell, Director of Fundraising. “We also hope to further develop our in-house breeding programme, provide further training to our volunteer puppy parents and complete the kennel facilities at our Midlands Training Centre in Leicestershire.”

The charity’s waiting list is currently closed due to an exceptionally high number of enquiries and a long waiting list, with the need to prioritise the applicants currently on the waiting list as well as existing partners and their needs for successor dogs.

To take part in The Big Wag for The Big Give for Canine Partners, simply record a short video clip of your dog wagging their tail and share it on social media using #TheBigWag.

To donate to the campaign from midday on Tuesday 27th November, please visit caninepartners.org.uk/TheBigGive for more information.