Stitch In Time... Western Fashion

Stitch In Time… Western Fashion

by Amy Newson

Discover where this season’s Western fashion focus began – there are so many ways to explore this all-American aesthetic.

Cowboy fashion has been an important part of Western culture since the 1800’s. This was the golden age of cowboys, ranchers and outlaws; and the Wild West was where this ‘fashion movement’ began. First emerging as a practical form of dress, cowboy hats, boots, buckles and jeans were later popularised by the cowboy singers of the 1940s, such as Roy Rogers, and the Westernfilms of the 1950s. Cowboy style has had its influenceover every decade since, from the infamous fringed jackets having their heyday in the 1970s and late 2000s to the notorious cowboy hat revival in 2013.

This season’s Western focus is all about incorporating rodeo-inspired style into your wardrobe without looking like you’re in fancy dress. The goal is a toned down look: not wearing more than two pieces of cowboy style at a time or simply sticking to accessories – a simple hat or bandana will do. This spring the most fashion conscious are wearing two tone silky shirts paired with matching trousers and cowboy boots, representing the coveted ‘layering style’ (skilfully draping clothing on oneself for an overarchingly pleasing aesthetic). New ways to wear this all-American aesthetic include oversized denim shirts over jeans, frilled prairie dresses with trainers and even faux-cowhide and snakeskin miniskirts with embellished shirts.