Stitch In Time... Ankle Boots

Stitch In Time… Ankle Boots

by Amy Newson

The ankle boot is here in fiery red shades to win your heart this season, but did you know about its many other faces over the years?

The only boot to have been consistently on trend (for both men and women) over the years is the trusty ankle boot. And, luckily for us, this season it’s winning hearts in amazing fire engine red. Red is everywhere at the moment and these bold boots serve as a pop of colour for extra impact. Coming in all shapes, from pointed toes to Chelsea boots and stretch boots with stiletto heels, these dazzling shoes are perfect for transitioning weather and are being styled with straight-leg denim for a chic-casual look.

But when did the ankle boot become such a fashion staple? The ‘boot’ itself is believed to have developed from one of the earliest forms of footwear, covering the foot and lower leg. It was shaped to fit the needs of the wearer and their culture (climate and lifestyle) and was usually made from leather.

The ankle boot itself has developed through the ages and has had many makeovers to suit the trends of the particular decades, for example these most notable styles from the 50s to the 70s. In the late 50s there was a trend that saw people donning elastic side boots with a high heel and pointed toe: this was the Chelsea boot. In the 60s a massive fashion boot movement saw the likes of Go-Go boots (they came in ankle length and longer lengths), while the hippie movement of the 70s saw increasingly unisex styles, such as the chukka boot on all trend-driven men and women.