Respectful Divorce With Tisshaws

Respectful Divorce With Tisshaws

by Lisa De Silva

If you require advice about divorce, Lisa de Silva discovered how family law solicitors Tisshaws can guide you through as amicably as possible

While many marriages end in divorce, it is possible to resolve issues and end the relationship in a respectable and cordial way. Family law solicitors, Tisshaws are all too aware of the stress that can accompany divorce and recommend that those beginning the process seek professional legal advice to help minimise the trauma and ensure the best outcome for all involved. “We always encourage people to get legal advice because it helps people to understand how divorce law relates to their specific circumstances,” explains Senior Associate Solicitor, Verity Eunson-Hickey. “Armed with that knowledge, they can make informed decisions about the best way to proceed.”

Tisshaws offer a one-hour consultation for £50 (including VAT) where you can discuss how the law applies to your personal situation, as well as learning about new less confrontational ways of ending a marriage, such as mediation, collaborative practise and arbitration. “After the consultation there is no pressure to appoint us as your solicitor, but it is vital to get the right information at the initial stages, particularly if you decide to opt for a DIY divorce. We often see cases where someone has attempted this only for it to go wrong, which can end up being expensive,” says Verity.

A consultation is also essential to ensure you understand how the grounds for divorce relate specifically to your marriage. In a recent high-profile divorce case, Owens v Owens, the judge was unable to grant Mrs Owens the divorce she petitioned for because her particulars did not constitute strong enough grounds for divorce. “The danger in filing a DIY divorce petition is that the particulars are either not strong enough grounds to grant a divorce as in the case of Mrs Owens or are too strongly worded, which risks offending your ex-partner and can lead to an expensive and lengthy contested divorce,” Verity confides.

The Owens v Owens case highlighted the need for a ‘no fault’ divorce process (currently under debate by the government), where the only grounds for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. “Everyone here is a member of Resolution which has been campaigning for a number of years to bring in a ‘no fault’ divorce. Without the need to apportion blame, we believe it will make the process as amicable as possible,” says Verity.

Professional legal advice can also protect you financially from any future claim on your assets from an ex-partner. “A decree absolute only ends the marriage. The financial aspects of the divorce are not legally binding without a separate Consent Order. Without this, both parties are vulnerable to future claims on their finances irrespective of how long ago the marriage ended,” Verity explains.

So, if you would benefit from professional family and divorce law advice, do contact Tisshaws to arrange a one-hour consultation.

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