Requesting the pleasure of your company

Requesting the pleasure of your company

By Lisa De Silva

Wedding invitations set the scene for the Big Day and are often the first preview of what’s in store for your guests. Will the wedding be urbane or Bohemian, quirky or traditional? More the ‘stiletto’ or ‘Hunter wellies’ kind of affair?

While most couples will go for a style and colour relevant to their overall theme, there is a growing trend for highly personal and creative invites to add a touch of fun and intimacy to the wedding plans.

Traditional wedding invitations offer enormous scope in terms of variety, and many companies now offer the chance to design and customise your own invites, supplying you with templates and swatches for you to personalise. But if you’re looking for something to really reflect your personality and your special day, take a look at these slightly more unusual ideas and prepare to be inspired.

If your wedding has a travel theme – maybe you met each other travelling, love to travel, or are planning to marry abroad – invitations made to look like passports or tickets would be fun. Empty film canisters can also be fed with a spool of wedding information, which guests pull out to reveal the details. Some couples have even created ‘message in a bottle’ invites, which is genius, though you would have to factor in the cost of postage.

If you’re thinking of a Christmas wedding, you could have the details of your special day printed onto a length of ribbon or pretty paper and use it to fill a clear bauble. This also leaves your guests with a keepsake. Another quirky idea in terms of keepsakes is to have the invitation printed onto a tea towel. These not only look great, but are wonderfully practical too and much easier to post!

For creative types with an eye for typography and graphics, you can have all sorts of fun designing invites telling the story of your relationship or giving the details of your Wedding Day in the form of a poster, a comic, a flow chart, spread sheet, a map, or even on an oversized badge.

Small viewfinders, the type you used to get at seaside resorts displaying local scenes, have also become popular as invites, with photographs of the happy couple interspersed with slides displaying all the wedding details.

Don’t forget that you can have fun with RSVP cards too. Quite apart from being a useful tool for keeping a check on numbers, why don’t you ask guests to fill in a series of blanks, such as…

Their first dance should be … They make a …

His favourite pastime is … Her favourite shop is …

The cards can then be displayed at the reception.

Whatever route you decide to take, planning and designing your wedding invitations and RSVP cards gives you both the opportunity to let your imagination run free, and is surely one of the most enjoyable jobs when it comes to planning your special Big Day.

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