Rentokil Property Care – Experts In Damp Proofing, Woodworm And Dry & Wet Rot Treatments

Rentokil Property Care – Experts In Damp Proofing, Woodworm And Dry & Wet Rot Treatments

Rentokil Property Care can provide your home or property with the very best property preservation service, offering solutions for damp, woodworm, wet and dry rot and cavity wall tie replacements. We also provide structural basement tanking and waterproofing systems allowing you to create extra living space in your home.

It’s Woodworm Season

Woodworm are prevalent between the end of March and September, so it’s worth checking your home for any potential signs of woodworm activity. The best way to spot woodworm in your property is to look for small holes with fine dust below them. Thousands of homes across the UK are affected by woodworm every year.

Woodworm are the larva of any wood boring beetle, but the most common is the Common furniture beetle. This is found in around 80% of UK properties and will infest most timbers. Common furniture beetle will attack all types of timber and plywood. Old plywood drawer bases and under stair cupboards are particularly popular.

The adult beetle emerges by making a flight hole through the timber surface that can be seen with the naked eye. The female lays eggs on the rough surface of timber and these hatch in around five weeks and tunnel into the wood.

For the next three to five years the larva eats wood and deposits a dust like substance (frass) in the larval tunnel, within the timber. When the adult breaks out of the timber it will create a flight-hole 1.5mm in diameter, leaving frass around the exit holes. The frass feels gritty when rubbed between the fingers and is a key sign to look out for.

You may also notice timber such as floorboards becoming weaker, and dead beetles on window sills or near light sources.

Why choose us?

As structural timber may be severely damaged by a woodworm outbreak its best to have a specialist survey from a trained professional. Rentokil Property Care can provide you with a no obligation survey, with any treatments undertaken by our technicians covered in most instances by a 30 year guarantee.

We are members of the Property Care Association, hold many industry accreditations, are members of TrustMark, Which? Trusted Trader Assessed and are also rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

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