Quintessentially British Tailoring Meets Sicilian Summer Sunshine

Quintessentially British Tailoring Meets Sicilian Summer Sunshine

The team from Sussex-based Dandylion Style – renowned for their personalised, customer focussed approach – took time out of a hectic schedule to bring together this unique collection for Spring/Summer.

It combines traditional British cuts and cloths with a twist of sophistication inspired by Sicily, that edgiest of islands at the tiptoe of Italy. Igor has yet again created a contemporary look with that unique touch of individuality to catch the eye and capture the imagination, while maintaining that classic feel that ensures that the wearer feels con dent and comfortable at any occasion.

Shot against their breath- taking Mediterranean backdrop and the timeless elegance of Sicily’s stunning architecture, these pictures capture the mood of the Dandylion-styled man – classy, discerning, cool – but above all an individual.

The clothes may indeed make the man, but the man needs to make the clothes suit his needs and personality, and with the Dandylion approach, the customer is helped to decide on fabric, features, form and, if required, funkiness every step of the way.

So whether you fancy yourself as James Bond, off to the casino at sunset, as a city slicker with obligatory braces and stock-market steel, or waist-coated with a touch of the Poldark – Dandylion Style can help you bring the dream to life.

Dandylion Style

Address: 33a High Street, Steyning, BN44 3YE

Website: www.dandylionstyle.co.uk

Stylist and designer: Igor Srzic-Cartledge

Models: Ivan Dogado and William Zuccarello

Photographer: Irene Todaro / www.irenetodaro.co.uk