Piggypods | a home for your guinea pigs

piggypod1cutFluffy, child-friendly and undeniably adorable, guinea pigs make the perfect family pet; there are now over a million of these cute little critters in the UK. They might be low-maintenance compared to, say, a dog or a pony, but guinea pigs (or ‘cavies’ as they are more properly known) still need plenty of love and attention as well as a cosy place to call home. That’s where the piggypod comes in.

The brainchild of local product designer Matthew White, this colourful, tactile hutch was inspired by Matthew’s experience as a rabbit owner. He noticed that traditional wooden hutches were a nightmare to construct, difficult to clean and began to deteriorate within just a few months of use.

One of the first hutches made with this innovative new technique was tested by a rabbit owner who also bred guinea pigs. She told Matt that its size, easy-to-clean design and cute appearance made it the ideal home for piggies – and so the piggypod was born. The new product has just emerged from a period of testing with rave reviews and is now available to buy online.

Easy to clip together and far more hygienic than a traditional hutch, the piggypod makes life easier for both humans and piggies. Its curved shape has the ‘wow’ factor and also represents a more natural environment for guinea pigs. Two animals can fit comfortably in the hutch, which is incredibly robust, warm (thanks to that double- skinned plastic) and uses galvanised metal parts for increased longevity.

It’s a good idea to learn about keeping guinea pigs before making a purchase, and Matthew recommends visiting local rescue centres Palace Piggie Rescue, Crawley or Pooh Piglet Guinea Pig Rescue, Haywards Heath.

piggypod3To celebrate the launch of the piggypod, Sussex Living Magazine readers are being offered a free rain cover worth £15 with every purchase of the piggypod. To claim your free cover, visit the piggypod website at www.thepiggypod.co.uk and enter code SLPIGGYPODMAR14 at the checkout.

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