Piano Star Theory

Piano Star Theory

ABRSM is unashamedly passionate about the importance of music theory.

To help engage learners in music theory, they have published Piano Star Theory for young pianists. The engaging exercises and games inside the book are perfect for developing children’s understanding of musical notation. It puts theory learning in a context that is musical and fun.

Karen Marshall, piano teacher and award-winning author, is enthusiastic about all children having access to good quality music education. She said: “ABRSM’s new Piano Star Theory book helps bridge the gap between student and teacher by providing solutions to common theory challenges.”

Authored by David and Kathy Blackwell, Piano Star Theory is full of colourful illustrations, games and quizzes. There’s even a board game where kids can practise everything they learnt and feel proud. Featuring short, specially written pieces that can be sung, clapped or played on the piano; Piano Star Theory helps building children’s aural awareness while improving their general musicianship skills.

Piano Star Theory is child-friendly and very easy to use, and Andrew Eales, teacher, pianist and writer of Pianodao, said: ‘“All my beginners aged 7-11 will be using this book moving forward. I think it’s truly stunning.”

You can grab a copy of Piano Star Theory for the young pianist in your life here: