Semi-Permanent Make Up By The Pennington Clinic Is Empowering

Semi-Permanent Make Up By The Pennington Clinic Is Empowering

Permanent, perfect eyebrow shape, eyeliner or lip colour and shape gives confidence – permanently. Semi-Permanent makeup is the art of implanting, or tattooing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to perfect, re-shape and redefine your eyebrows, create permanent eyeliner or lip colour. Unlike traditional tattooists who work with ink, Emma is implanting medical grade pigment made of iron oxides, iron being the most stable and common of all elements, it is non-toxic, inert, innocuous and non-active, much like mineral makeup. The pigment then fades and is absorbed by the body over the course of years. Most procedure require a “top-up”” or “colour boost” every 12-18 months.

Emma and Mel have over 15 years of Semi-Permanent Makeup experience. Skilfully applied permanent makeup will look very natural and can re-define your features, making you look years younger and this is down to the natural talent and experience of Emma, who is working with the very best digital equipment, and is trained to the highest standard, Emma is actually a trainer within the industry and has taught many other technicians to offer natural beautiful procedure.

Emma can tattoo ultra fine lines that sit behind your natural brow shape to mimic hairs and give you perfectly shaped, permanent eyebrows, or she can add drama to your eyes through the implantation of a permanent eyeliner, whether it’s a subtle lash enhancement to darken your lash line or a dramatic Latino flick Emma can achieve exactly the look you are after. Or she can re-shape your mouth adding fullness and depth of colour.

These procedures can give confidence, a beautiful natural procedure can be truly empowering.

Contact Mel and Emma of the Pennington Clinic, Forest Row for more information.

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