Don't forget to give it your best flip this Pancake Day - 17th February!

Don’t forget to give it your best flip this Pancake Day – 17th February!

By Robert Veitch

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Pancakes are one of the oldest known foods, because of the simplicity of the ingredients and the ease of effort required to cook them. In prehistoric times flour with a little water was cooked on a hot stone over a fire. With the domestication of animals, eggs and milk were added to the list of ingredients and a metal pan replaced the stone, but the basic recipe and process has barely changed since.

PancakesPancake Day itself has it’s roots in Pagan history where the cooking of pancakes was part of a week long festival that signaled the arrival of Spring. Their round shape symbolized the coming warmth and the power of the sun and Pagans believed those attributes were instilled in those who consumed the

pancakes. Over time this festival transformed into Shrove Tuesday. This was a time for feasting on eggs, fat and other foods that would be forbidden during the forty days of Lent.

In modern times Lent remains a time of the year observed by many, while Shrove Tuesday is widely known as Pancake Day. Up and down the land it’s a time for children to try their hand at flipping their first pancake, keeping it off the floor and away from the ceiling, hopefully landing it safely in the pan.

Once cooked, tradition dictates a choice of sweet and savoury fillings such as jam, ice-cream, lemon juice with sugar, maple syrup and golden syrup to name a few.

After scoffing the pancake down, it’s typical to hear the eager call back from the dining room to the kitchen

“Mum…can I have another one?”

Make sure you have all the ingredients for Fresh Pancakes:

Plain Flour, Eggs, Milk, Oil & Pinch of Salt