On The Hunt This Easter!

On The Hunt This Easter!

by Sasha Kanal

The Easter Bunny’s been today. He dropped some eggs along the way. Follow the clues – you need to be wise, as they will lead you to your prize!

Easter traditions in the UK have a surprisingly mixed heritage and the annual Easter egg hunt is no exception. A typical Easter egg trail these days generally takes the form of small chocolate eggs (purportedly left by the Easter Bunny!) being hidden around a garden or house for children and members of a family to find and collect in baskets. Possibly originating in the 17th century and from the German ‘Osterhase’ (Easter Hare) folk tradition, children would hunt outdoors for decorated boiled eggs. Unsurprisingly the eggs in the hunt are thought to represent Jesus’ tomb and his subsequent resurrection according to Christian faith.

Times have moved on and real eggs have been replaced by the chocolate variety. But chocolate or not, here are two ways to do the Easter egg hunt in style this year.

  1. For younger children, fill blown-out eggs or coloured card ones (there are plenty in the shops this time of year) with letters or words on bits of paper to spell out an instruction or clue to the Easter treasure’s whereabouts. Take this one step further for older kids, with a funny riddle and Chocolate or not, here are two ways to do the Easter egg hunt in style make them guess where their chocolate eggs are hidden.
  2. Go to the park or countryside and instead of hunting for chocolate eggs, set the children a nature trail task and ask them to look for daffodils, snowdrops, lambs or blossom.

Happy Easter!