A New Type Of Journey Down Memory Lane

A New Type Of Journey Down Memory Lane

Many of us regret not knowing more about our parents and grandparents.

Photographs are fine while they’re still around to explain who’s who, but will a dusty album mean anything to future generations?

Writing your life story can help your children or grandchildren to learn more about you. You might not have been famous, adventurous or influential but your family and friends will find your story as interesting as any celebrity autobiography.

However, penning and publishing a book can be daunting, so if you need help, a life story writing service like Memory Lane Books can help. We build up a personal relationship with clients to gather stories and recollections through a series of interviews, which are written and approved before finally being printed in a colour, hardback book.

We can also help complete an unfinished project, or design and print a book that you’ve already written.

If you’d like to embark on a once-in- a-lifetime project, please contact Helen Gregory on 077997 64414 or email helen@memorylanebooks.co.uk to discuss how we can bring your life to life.

Website: www.memorylanebooks.co.uk