Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby

by Sara Whatley

Celebrating Mother’s Day this March, Sara Whatley looks back on the first two years of her mothering experience.

There is a spindly old tree outside our house. I didn’t think much of it until March came around the first year we lived there and it burst into delicate soft pink blossoms, and as I sat and fed our four-week-old baby and gazed out the window at this beautiful sight it lifted my spirits and made my day a bit brighter. Because it’s not always easy being a new mother.

It’s true what they say, nothing quite prepares you for motherhood, until you are plunged in at the deep end and then by Jove you get the hang of it quickly! The new baby phase feels a long way away from me now though, as my daughter has just turned two. It’s amazing how quickly one forgets the long hours of feeding, winding, rocking, sleeping and endless nappy changing; now it’s all about playing, tea parties, diggers, running, stories and singing.

It’s also true that it goes by in an absolute flash. From the tiny helpless being wrapped in my arms, staring wide eyed at the world around her, our little girl can now feed herself, play happily on her own, tell us what she needs and ask, “What’s that?” about everything she comes across. She is an independent being learning her sense of self and finding her feet – both physically and figuratively.

There is a little part of me that misses that new baby bubble all parents float around in for the first few months, but seeing our daughter confidently and joyfully explore the world around her is an absolute pleasure to behold and I wouldn’t change it for anything.