Mid Sussex Children Can Look Forward To A Healthy, Happy And Active Future

Mid Sussex Children Can Look Forward To A Healthy, Happy And Active Future

With concern growing over the mental wellbeing of young people, sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity, Mid Sussex Active are encouraging, supporting and inspiring young people to engage with sport and lead active lifestyles.

The health of our nation has been high on the Government’s agenda for a number of years, with children a primary focus. In the second annual report Sporting Future: A New Strategy For An Active Nation, Minister for Children and Families Department for Education, Edward Timpson MP states; “We want to see healthy, happy active children becoming healthy, happy active adults and the talented primary school children of today becoming our sporting stars of the future”

Working together with local schools and in partnership with over 40 sports clubs and community partners, Mid Sussex Active organise diverse, enjoyable, challenging activities that keep young people active not only during the school day but also during lunch and after school to keep them moving more, support an active lifestyle and boost their overall wellbeing.

In 2016, 7,000 young people actively participated in 52 competitions and 3,000 sports leaders were trained in events organised by Mid Sussex Active.

In the current school year 2017/18 Mid Sussex Active have been hard at work organising a huge number of events including The Mid Sussex Annual Inclusion Festival, Sports Hall Athletics, Handball Festival, Supporting Parastars, launching The Mid Sussex Active Leadership Academy and winning the National School Games Award for Innovation in Participation.

Strategic Director Mike Hart says “We are extremely proud of our achievements so far and continue to work with our partners to develop more sporting opportunities for young people in Mid Sussex.”

It is no surprise that Mid Sussex is one of the highest performing areas in the country for both School Games competition and provision of opportunities for children to take part in sport.

For further information about Mid Sussex Active and their full calendar of events visit; www.midsussexactive.org.uk