It's All Love Actually - Part Three; Robert & Andrea

It’s All Love Actually – Part Three; Robert & Andrea

By Ruth Lawrence, Sara Whatley & Robert Veitch

Love Tree

Love can bloom from the most unexpected of places, from life long friendships, to car park crashes, or even across the dance floor. 

Nourish your heart and soul with our three tales of romance and relationships, guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart, put a spring in your step and a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps all of us hold within ourselves some blueprint for the relationship we have always sought, that someone who feels right, with whom the pieces of the jigsaw fall effortlessly into place.

Love Header; Car park Crush

Love; Robert and Andrea

With a bumpy beginning, this relationship turned from fury to love in the blink of an eye, all under the cover of a secret email campaign!

Over the festive period I was lucky enough to meet up with a long lost friend who had come home from New Zealand. “So tell me again,” she said one night in the pub. “Just how did you and your girlfriend get together?” At the end of the story she suggested I write it down for our own kids someday, so that’s exactly what I did.

Back in January 2005 my soon to be girlfriend and I were working at the same company. The working week was very short, the job easy, stress was non-existent and the holiday was plentiful. Looking back they were halcyon days for many of my colleagues, but they offered a claustrophobic lack of challenge for me. One day followed another, filled with boredom and despair.

Love; Robert and andrea 2On this particular Thursday morning I had set off for the morning commute as normal, driving along the familiar route. My autopilot guided me as I concentrated more on the radio than the road as the miles went by. Turning right into the company car park DJ Moyles was ranting on about McFly and their upcoming single ‘It’s All About You’. I  hummed along to the tune, annoyed by a catchy melody I told myself I really shouldn’t like.

Seeking a space away from the other cars I parked, partially opened the door, and placed my right foot on the ground outside as the frosty air rushed in and wrapped itself around me. I left the engine running as I hummed along until the music started to fade. Then from nowhere, my leg was being squashed by my door! I was momentarily furious at the idiot who had opened their car door into mine, but then I looked up and my fury melted away in the blink of an eye as my heart was stolen. Our eyes met across the divide of two neighbouring parking spaces and that was that.

She was apologetic, far more than she needed to be. “I just parked as normal,” she said ashen faced. “I was running late, and didn’t see your door was open.” I looked at both doors, saw no visible damage and said not to worry, we could talk about it later. I got the first email about an hour after that.

Over the coming days a romance blossomed quietly and discreetly via the company’s internal email system. Boredom and despair became excitement and hope, as we got to know each other right under the noses of our unsuspecting colleagues.

It was babysitting my eldest sister’s first child that made the difference in the end. At the time he was a mucky young pup, his meals passing through him far too quickly at times. He was my first attempt at nappy changing, then my second, third and so on, none of which were particularly successful. When she volunteered to help with the babysitting that sealed things. I eagerly took up the offer and we’ve rarely looked back since, except to reminisce about those times and the happy memories that have followed.

My car lasted a little longer, until my girlfriend and I went to visit my youngest sister and her newborn baby in 2010. While we were inside cooing over her week old son, her fiancé was outside, turning his car around on their drive, reversing firmly into my car during the process. It was the same door my girlfriend had hit, although this time, my car was written off. Shortly after that my girlfriend’s car was written off when a stag threw itself across her bonnet on the Ashdown Forest.

So February 5th 2015 sees us ten years and two cars down the line, McFly are now McBusted and the mucky young pup of a nephew is now in his first year at Secondary School – and a nephew to be proud of.