It's A 'Leggy' Dog Story For Dogs Trust Shoreham

It’s A ‘Leggy’ Dog Story For Dogs Trust Shoreham

Dogs Trust Shoreham has had an influx of Sighthounds to its rehoming centre in recent weeks and months, and is currently caring for 12 lurchers and greyhounds, all looking for their forever homes.

Canine Carers at the Rehoming Centre are hoping to raise awareness of why Sighthounds can make wonderful companions and put to rest any general misperceptions about their breed in a bid to find them new owners.

Each Sighthound at the Rehoming Centre has their own unique characteristics and requirements from a new family home; however they are all hoping to find new homes with owners who are willing to give them the time and patience they need to adjust to their new living environment.

Current long-legged residents at the Shoreham rehoming centre include Alby, a lurcher cross who is a sensitive soul with a lot of love to give. The one-year-old dog has a few worries about the big wide world, so he’s hoping to find patient owners who he can look to for guidance and support.

Alongside Alby, the Canine Carers hope four-year-old greyhound Dazzle might soon catch the eye of a potential adoptive family too. He’s a little shy when you first meet him so building up a bond takes time, but its worth every second. Dazzle adores other dogs and would benefit from having another furry friend in his new home.

Then there’s eight-year-old lurcher Benny, a loveable dog with lots of energy, who loves nothing more than a long walk followed by a snooze in his favourite armchair, and Lenny a sensitive four-year-old lurcher who needs a little extra TLC and patient owners to help build his confidence.

Tracey Rae, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Shoreham, said: “We see a lot of Sighthounds come into our care and although every dog is truly unique, Sighthounds can be misunderstood due to certain characteristics. There is a perception that Sighthounds need an abundance of exercise as they are extremely fast on their feet; however they don’t generally need any more exercise than the average dog and instead prefer to curl up for a snooze and a cuddle.”

“Sighthounds with a particularly high chase drive may be found wearing a muzzle when out walking, in case they get too excited around smaller dogs and animals, however this shouldn’t be taken as a reflection of their character as they make fantastic family pets in the right homes.”

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, please get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust on 01273 915100 or visit