Interior Design Trends For Summer 2019 And Beyond With Collingwood Batchellor

Interior Design Trends For Summer 2019 And Beyond With Collingwood Batchellor

We’re now deep into 2019 and predicted interior design trends have started to unfold, with home brands revealing their new collections for the rest of the year ahead. With summer also well underway, there’s no better time to give your home a bit of a reboot; throw the curtains back, let in the sunlight and rejoice in the colours and hues brought forward by the natural light we’ve all been craving!

To help you update the rooms in your home, Collingwood Batchellor have put together 2019’s top interior trends for a bit of inspiration.


Rugs are an essential accessory in any living space around the home; they provide context and grounding to the general furniture in a room, and offer another dimension to the overall design. Hard floors will benefit from a softer touch, while choosing a patterned or colourful rug adds personality and pops of colour to a room.

Art Deco

The glamour of mid-Century furniture never really goes out of style, but the popularity of velvety textures, gold tones and opulent, flowing curves has increased the demand for art deco designs throughout the home. The very nature of art deco calls for the living room to be your first consideration, with eye-catching sofas and chairs epitomising the era.


Stemming from environmental concerns and reaching far beyond plastic waste, people’s decisions regarding furniture are increasingly centred on sustainability and the environment. We’re experiencing a time where people want to know where their items are made and what kind of impact their production has on the environment.

You’ll find this trend has two levels; reclaimed wood used to produce new furniture, which offers a rustic, individual look that’s unique with every order, or wooden furniture that utilises materials from sustainable sources.


Running with the environmental theme, plants are not only popular but they’re also a great way to bring a fresh vibrancy to a room. Whether you’re a fan of perennial greens or prefer pops of colour from cut flowers, we think this trend’s here to last.

Single Colour

For an Instagram-worthy interior, there’s plenty of inspiration floating around with celebs showing off this latest trend. The idea of single colour interiors extends from the popular minimalist approach. Beginning in Italy, the minimalist design trend has since proliferated across Europe and into the US.

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