Hurstpierpoint COVID-19 Neighbours’ Support Group

Hurstpierpoint COVID-19 Neighbours’ Support Group

Hurstpierpoint residents, Prue Heron, Ebony Buscema, Lucy Groenewoud, Hazel Constantine, Sian Tai and Ellie Carter are leading a local initiative to bring together Hurst residents to help and support their neighbours who are vulnerable or self-isolating during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Prue initially set up the Facebook group last week.

“We’ve now had over 600 people join our Facebook page, with almost everyone offering their support in some way. I feel really lucky to live in a village with such community spirit.”

Volunteers have been distributing fliers across the village with their contact details, and posters are on display in public areas. Four area co-ordinators are ensuring that every street has been covered. Area co-ordinator, Hazel Constantine, said: “We want to ensure that everyone who needs support has a nominated local volunteer. This is a challenging time for everyone, and we want our village community to know that they are not alone and there is someone they can reach out.”

Volunteers are offering to collect shopping and prescriptions, walk dogs, post mail or be available on the telephone for a friendly chat. Local businesses have also been offering their support.

From Monday 23rd March, volunteers will be wearing a yellow badge saying, ‘Volunteer Hurst COVID-19 Neighbour Multi-Shopper’. This is to provide those who need support with reassurance that the individual is part of the volunteering network. Local businesses have been asked to allow volunteers wearing the badge to purchase multiple items where there are restrictions in place to redistribute to those self-isolating.

If you would like to volunteer, or need support and don’t know who to contact, please get in touch with the Group via their Facebook page – ‘Hurst COVID-19 Neighbours’ Support Group’ – or call Prue Heron on 01273 835064 or Ellie Carter on 07834170669.