"Hogwarts" Comes To Lancing College

“Hogwarts” Comes To Lancing College

An imaginative way to bring lessons to life!

On Tuesday 24th March, pupils at Lancing College Preparatory School Worthing had a surprise – they were to visit Lancing College, which was renamed ‘Hogwarts’ for a special Harry Potter themed day. The pupils’ Houses were renamed for the occasion: Britons became Hufflepuff, Celts became Ravenclaw, Normans became Slytherin and Saxons became Gryffindor. Each pupil was given a badge for their Harry Potter themed House, to cover their Lancing Prep badges for the day.Lancing College 2

Pupils took part in potions master classes with Lancing College Chemistry teacher, Dr Simon Norris; learnt about owls in a special demonstration by Ben from Owls about Town; were introduced to some of the animals at the Lancing College Farm by Hagrid’s brother (asa Jon Hutcheon, Lancing College Farm Manager); had a tour of the Lancing College Chapel by the Chaplain, Father Richard, and discovered some of the carved animals hidden there, were treated to a virtuoso organ performance by Director of Chapel Music, Neil Cox; and enjoyed drama workshops. The younger children went on a Golden Galleons Treasure trail which they loved and there was even a Quidditch championship, with a final which took place on the Lower Quad at the end of the day.

Lancing College Heather Beeby with OwlAll the pupils received letters from their parents on arrival, which were embellished with special Harry Potter stamps and delivered ‘by the owls’ to the Dining Hall at Lancing College. Parents were also invited to enjoy afternoon tea and to watch the Quidditch Final before taking their tired but happy children home from an inspirational day.