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A new training programme is launching this April within Heights health & fitness. The Total Gym Gravity Training System (TGS) is fun, varied and guarantees results.

Gravity-11Looking to lose inches, tone muscle or shape up? Getting married? Holiday plans? Whatever the occasion, Gravity programmes will get you looking and feeling great – superfast!

Gravity’s Total Gym training offers over 120 different variations of exercise with unrivalled diversity for strength, endurance, flexibility and inches. TGS training drives quick body changing results to recondition the deconditioned.

“We’ve been trialling the Gravity programme with an existing gym member and the results are really impressive,” says Heights’ owner Sue Upton. “After just nine Gravity sessions she has lost an amazing 5.5 inches from around the waist, back, arms and thighs and toned in body shape.”

The principle of Gravity is to use your own body weight as the exercise resistance. You use one piece of kit, so you can move from a squat to a bicep curl in a matter of seconds. Less wasted time means great results faster – an easy way to achieve the lean and shapely physique you’ve always desired. “The great thing about the programmes is there is something for everyone. Our instructors have been wowed by the system, as it is fantastic for all types of training from Strength, Circuits, HIIT to Pilates,” says Sue.
To achieve effective results  a minimum of two sessions per week, over a 12 week period is required, either in small groups, semi-private or one-to-one training.


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The programme includes use of a Myzone monitor– wireless technology to accurately track activity and monitor progress. Simply wear a chest belt and, after your session, go online to check out your stats – for example, how many calories your session required, your heart rate activity and other biometrical statistics.

Sue and her team are so convinced by Gravity’s effectiveness that they’re offering a results guarantee to those who take part in the programme and follow the nutritional guidelines. “If you are restricted for time but want to get measurable results extremely quickly, then Gravity is perfect,” says Sue. “This is about lifestyle and fitness. Until you’ve had a go, you just don’t realise how effective it is!”

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