Haywards Heath Town Council launches new Post Code Litter Pick

Haywards Heath Town Council launches new Post Code Litter Pick

Haywards Heath Town Council’s Sandy Ellis is to launch Post Code Litter Picks as part of a new initiative to help keep our Town litter free. The Post Code Litter Picks will promote cleanliness in our environment and encourage neighbours to meet and make new friends whilst gather littering in their local roads.

The Councillors at Haywards Heath Town Council have also donated new litter bins to help combat the litter problems in the Town as they are keen to help Haywards Heath become a litter free zone for everyone to enjoy. It is proven that cleaner areas are more attractive and healthier for residents and visitors alike and will encourage greater use of shops, businesses and resources in our Town. They are asking everyone to get involved, for their families, for the environment, for the economy, for the community and for future generations of our Town.

Cllr Ellis comments, “Haywards Heath residents, community groups and organisations have come out in force with our Town Councillors to keep our parks and open spaces a happy and healthy place for our community and wild life. We owe an enormous debt to the hours of volunteering that has been given to good causes such as this. I cannot thank them enough and am very much looking forward to visiting a road near you soon to meet you and help you clean your local neighbourhood.

We recently worked together with Network Rail to clean the rubbish on the land by the train station in Haywards Heath, cleaning up a huge amount of litter that was fly tipped or dumped from commuters’ cars. Unfortunately, we will soon be running another litter pick in this area, where we will lay out all the rubbish that has been dumped there since this clean up to try and highlight the ongoing severity of this problem. It is very sad to see, after the joint effort of the Council and Network Rail, that people failed to see the benefit of keeping the area litter free as this does not reflect the genuine pride that the community of Haywards Heath takes in having a clean and pleasant Town. We have installed a new litter bin in Mill Green Road to try and help ease this situation.

Living in a clean environment makes life healthier, less stressful and more pleasant and visitors and businesses are attracted to clean towns, creating more employment opportunities and resources for everyone. I hope we can all work together to make Haywards Heath the kind of place we would all like to live and work in.

The next Mill Green Road Litter Pick will be on Saturday 22nd June at 11am outside the Fire Station where we will also highlight the ongoing Litter problem in this area. Everyone is invited to join in, highlight the problem and make a change. Just picking up one piece of litter does have an impact and it is a great way to meet your neighbours, make new friends and celebrate the Town’s wonderful civic pride.”