Happiness in 2014

Happiness in 2014

Written by Nicole Tata

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet? Why not step back and take a good look at your overall personal happiness first, before deciding on a specific plan of action.

New year, new you? January is always a good time to take stock of how life has been going and what improvements you feel you’d like to make for the year to come. Sometimes, the answer seems obvious; it might be weight loss, a job change or perhaps a relationship issue that you need to work on. But what if you’re not quite so sure where to focus your energies?

This is where the Wheel of Life can help. A useful tool routinely employed by counsellors and life coaches, it encourages you to consider each key area of happiness in turn. How satisfied are you in your work? How healthy do you feel? What about love, and money? Marking each ‘slice’ of your overall happiness ‘pie’ on a scale of 1 (not at all happy) to 10 (extremely happy) will lead you to create an individual map – a visual presentation of your current state of personal contentment.

If you’ve never done this simple yet effective exercise before, do have a go by marking up the chart above. All it takes is an open mind and a few minutes to spare. To help you get started, there’s a brief explanation of each of the 10 areas overleaf, as well as an example of what a completed chart might look like.

When you’ve finished, take a look at the map you’ve created. Are you satisfied with the amount of happiness in your life overall? Which areas are strongest? Weakest? Are you appreciating your good fortune in the segments with the highest scores? Which areas do you want to improve? Armed with clear information, you’re now ready to devise a positive plan.

Whether you decide to join a choir or take up yoga, resolve to declutter your home or reassess your spending patterns, or carry out a wholesale review with the help of a life coach – the important thing is that you’re pursuing your individual goals, so that 2014 will turn out to be a truly happy new year.

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