GQT Favourite Pippa Greenwood Joins The Plant Fairs Roadshow At Borde Hill Garden

GQT Favourite Pippa Greenwood Joins The Plant Fairs Roadshow At Borde Hill Garden

Following the success of the 2018 event, some of the UK’s leading plant nurseries will be returning to Borde Hill Garden in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, for the Plant Fair Roadshow on 15th September.

Garden lovers will be able to select plants from a host of the UK’s finest growers. There will be a range of exciting garden sculptures on view. Exhibitors can vary at each Plant Fair Roadshow but visitors can check which nurseries will be attending on

Visitors to the Borde Hill Garden event can also receive a variety of interesting advice from gardening experts throughout the day.

Those gardeners suffering from pesky pests in their garden this summer are invited to bring their questions along to BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time panellist and plant pathologist, Pippa Greenwood, who will be providing a talk at 3pm on ‘Keeping Pests at Bay the Natural Way’

Booking for Pippa’s Talk is £10 per person – in advance see

Quentin Stark, the head gardener from Hole Park will also be on hand as the resident Plant Doctor, diagnosing plant problems and issuing advise to gardeners. Quentin can act as a ‘personal plant shopper’ offering advice on which plants to buy for those difficult areas everyone has in their garden.

Colin Moat, Chair and events coordinator says, “We are excited to be visiting Borde Hill Garden again this year after the success of last year’s event. 2019 seems to be a breakthrough year with an exciting range of venues. But it’s the outstanding range and quality of plants produced by our participating growers that makes these events such a success and they offer visitors the best plants at about two thirds the price of a garden centre.

Plant Fairs Roadshow is a collective of independent specialist nurseries who organise and promote their own events and are able to offer a wide range of locally grown, garden worthy and unusual plants to keen gardeners. We bring together expert growers and associated organisations to create memorable events at interesting and unusual venues.”

Visitors to the Borde Hill Garden event in September, can also take part in free guided tours of the Garden by Borde Hill’s gardening team. Visitors will be able to enjoy the 100 Sculptures that are being exhibited in the Garden until end of September.

The late summer splendour in Borde Hill’s Gardens, extends across the panoramic views over the lakes and 200 acres of rolling parkland. In September visitors will be able to enjoy a host of stunning late flowering perennials including dahlias, crocosmias, acteas, sedum, Japanese anemones, fuchsias, hydrangeas, cyclamens and a range of grasses.

The Plant Fairs Roadshow opens from 10am -3pm

Entry to the Plant Fair; £7 per person. Pippa’s Talk + £10.

Discount Entry & Pippa’s Talk: RHS Members: £13.60 and Non-members: £17.00

Borde Hill Garden is open until 3 November, from 10am -5pm.

Telephone: 01444 450326