Emily Leads Lola Back To School

Emily Leads Lola Back To School

Emily Chadburn, Lead Vet at Heath Vet Clinic in Burgess Hill, dog Lola and the team recently took time out to make a special visit to meet up with the Reception Classes at Birchwood Grove Primary School. She had been invited along by the school to talk about her role as a Veterinary Surgeon and the animals they care for.

All the children were really excited about the visit from the team and were eager to ask questions and find out more.

During their visit, Emily explained about the everyday activities at Heath Vets and all about how they look after pets and some of the jobs they do to help animals when they are ill or injured.

The children searched for microchips with a scanner, tried out bandaging and really loved enjoyed listening to staff pet, Lola’s heart beat through a stethoscope!

They were also shown some x-rays of dogs that had eaten strange objects and had to guess what they were. Emily explained, “It’s amazing what we find, we have x-rayed and found all sorts inside animals over the years, the children couldn’t believe their eyes. Practice Manager, Sarah continued, “It was such fun and we had a great time, it’s really important for children to understand about caring for others and they were all brilliant. They were so enthusiastic with many telling us they wanted to be vets when they grow up.”

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