Meet Dogs Trust's Talented OAP's (Old Age Pooches) In Need Of Loving Homes

Meet Dogs Trust’s Talented OAP’s (Old Age Pooches) In Need Of Loving Homes

With a combined age of 68, Dogs Trust Shoreham’s older age pooches have many years of experience amongst them. But, despite being in their senior years, they are proving that there is life in the old dogs yet and are keeping their paws crossed that they’ll soon find loving retirement homes.

Age really is just a number for Sophie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, who embodies the phrase ‘the older the wiser’. Despite being the ripe old age of 13, one of Sophie’s favourite activities is learning new skills with the Rehoming Centre staff.

Tracey Rae, Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre manager said: “Sophie is a living embodiment that you can teach an old dog new tricks! She enjoys mental stimulation and training, so as long as it is not too physically strenuous Sophie is game for learning new tricks. Her favourites seem to include sit, paw and touch, she’s almost mastered spin and ‘paws up’ too and she’ll happily show them off to anyone – with the help of lots of treats of course!

Older dogs often find themselves looking for a new home in their twilight years and sometimes struggle to stand-out amongst the other dogs. This is a great shame as dogs make lovely companions at any age.”

Dogs Trust Shoreham’s older residents include the below:

Herbie – Crossbreed 10 years old
Max – Crossbreed 12 years old
Olly – Lab Cross 9 years old
Rosie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier 14 years old
Sizzles – Crossbreed 10 years old
Sophie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross 13 years old


Throughout their lives, these Golden Oldies have lived through:

  • Four UK general elections
  • The weddings of royals Kate and William and Harry and Meghan
  • Two US presidents

Dogs Trust care for over 15,000 dogs in our centres every year – but we are increasingly aware that dogs are handed over to us because they have developed behaviours that their owners find difficult to live with. That is why we run Dogs Trust Dog School – the classes are focused on behaviour and life-skills based training so doesn’t focus on teaching your pooch how to do paw and sit like talented Sophie. The classes are run by experienced trainers provide high quality, welfare friendly advice on dog training and behaviour during our fun, educational classes.

For more information about the Sussex Dogs School visit:

The more senior dogs currently at Shoreham really are still young at heart so if you think you can give any of them the retirement they deserve please do get in touch with the team on  01273915100 or visit