It's A Dog's Life - December 2018

It’s A Dog’s Life – December 2018

Rolo the Border Terrier is in full Christmas swing this December and waiting in anticipation for Santa Paws

Whilst dogs generally have a different perspective to people, we’re nearer the ground, what can I tell you, I have to say that I like Christmas.

Whilst ‘Her Indoors’ gets preoccupied and starts rushing round with lists, and ‘Him Indoors’ hides in the study muttering about the cost, there are some seasonal delights, like the re-emergence of home baking, for a dog to enjoy. ‘Her Indoors’ is a bit of a messy cook so there are floor cleaning duties with some festive flavours for me and my apprentice, Teddy. There’re also parcel deliveries to bark at. I can’t hear the doorbell these days, due to senior deafness, but Teds can, so I join in. It’s all good fun.

There is also the return of the Juniors to the family home which is always good for a bit of tummy tickling and fussing, plus there’s the much-anticipated visit of Santa Paws. I used to worry that I’d get missed out, as I’m not generally a very good dog, but he’s been coming for the last sixteen years so I’m not so concerned these days. I hope he realises I’ve got an apprentice as I don’t want to have to share. And without letting the dog out of the bag, if you’ve ever wondered how the old fella gets past the canine home guard, it’s got a lot to do with biscuits!

Christmas, however, isn’t always a good time for dogs. Puppies are sometimes bought as Christmas presents, and then, when the novelty wears off in the cold light of January, and the reality of incontinence, chewing, training, walking and needle-sharp puppy teeth, finally dawns, they end up in rescue centres. Last year, I heard that in the run up to Christmas there is an increase in elderly dogs given up to make way for a cute puppy. Now I’m all in favour of cuteness, after all, I’m pretty blessed in that department myself, but a dog who has given the best years of their life to their family deserves a comfortable old age in a bed by the fire with loving owners in my book.

This year will be the first Christmas that Teddy has been with us so I’ll have to set him a suitable example. He needs to know that the indoor tree isn’t for weeing on, premature opening of presents is frowned upon, crackers aren’t fireworks in disguise, parcel ribbon isn’t edible and sprouts are best avoided if he wants to be allowed in the lounge later. It’s pretty similar for people too, so go easy on the unsuitable eating and drinking or you could find yourself in trouble with the presents and embarrassing yourself with the Christmas tree!

Have a great time!