Crafting The Perfect Easter

Crafting The Perfect Easter

by Sasha Kanal

Easter is the perfect time to get crafty with your family. What better way to get ready for this lovely festival than by decorating your house and garden with all manner of ditties.

With Christmas a distant memory, Easter is a great marker in the season as we transition into spring. Easter bonnets and the subsequent parade to showcase them are synonymous with this time of year and frequently part of a child’s introduction to Easter at school. Making them at home is a wonderful way of starting your child on the path to craft, as often all you need is a plain straw hat and some accessories to add to it. Boys and girls can choose whatever they want from the downright cute (bunnies and chicks) to the funky and fun (chocolate eggs, glitter and feathers). I’ve even seen an Easter hat in the form of an appropriately decorated woollen beanie – perfect for the too cool for school, reluctant pre-teen in your life!

Craft and stationery shops both large and independent are awash with items you can fasten on a bonnet. Pompoms, paper flowers, mini bunting, tiny yellow chicks and rabbit ears to name a few. Even the stuff you may already have in your cupboards can go towards a fantastic creation. Foam, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, old cardboard, string – anything you can get your hands on. It’s the perfect excuse to get creative.

The same approach can be applied to door and candle wreaths. All you need is some florist’s wire and green garden twine. Form a circle with the wire (I’ve even used an old wire hanger in the past) and then attach some seasonal green foliage with the string. Bulk it out until you have an abundant plain wreath. Then comes the best bit. Gather flowers such as tulips or daffodils, cut the stems right down and insert them into the foliage until they’re secure. Easy! You can also buy foam wreaths from craft shops and wrap colourful ribbons and bows around them for something equally pretty. Garden centres these days are wonderful places to pick up unusual crafting materials and there are so many right here on our doorstep in Sussex.

Dyeing real eggs for display at Easter is a quaint tradition and a great way of unleashing your inner artist. You can use hard-boiled eggs that have been kept in the refrigerator or blown out eggs. All you need is some food colouring, vinegar and warm water. Don’t forget crayons, stickers and rubber bands for the design afterwards. Once you’ve decorated your eggs you can place them in baskets or bowls around the house for display purposes or for children to find.

Happy Easter!