Book Review - A Volcanic Race

Book Review – A Volcanic Race

by Amy Dunne

A Volcanic Race by Liz Young is a rather extraordinary novel that focuses on adventure, love and friendship. Suitable for all ages from teens to adults, it provides readers with a thrilling read.

The narrative takes the reader on many journeys and adventures through the eyes of the protagonist Tom. Tom wakes from his winter sleep to discover he has psychic powers and this plays a theme throughout. The story focuses on him as he learns more about his powers and how to cope with his mother’s possessive influence. The book suggests a dystopian genre, as the whole novel is other-worldly; Tom and his clan are rocks with souls whose babies are born from volcanoes, which is unique and incredibly fascinating.

The author has cleverly invented words and names for certain things, which creates a sense of excitement and originality throughout the story with a style that’s similar to the Hunger Games. It’s definitely a good book for someone who enjoys reading; dealing with the politics that accompany clans and families, giving a fascinating insight into group dynamics.

A Volcanic Race is the first in Liz Young’s Living Rock series of five books, which gives enthusiasts more books to look forward to.