Body Buzz - Looks Lykke Fun

Body Buzz – Looks Lykke Fun

by Sasha Kanal

Do you need a little lykke in your life? Sasha Kanal explores this Scandinavian philosophy and how you could infuse a little happiness into your own day to day routine.

For the last two years ‘hygge,’ the Danish term for a kind of cosy, candle-lit togetherness, has permeated the British collective consciousness big time. Whether you found it twee or not, the art of hunkering down and creating your own ‘nest’ to see you through the winter, has been a big trend, both on social media and in the real world.

Just as we’ve begun to master this Nordic art in our lives (complete with tea-lights, chunky fishermen jumpers and sheepskins), along comes another buzzword for 2018. This time it’s in the guise of ‘lykke’ (pronounced look-ah). Translating as happiness in Danish, lykke is the art of leading a happy life.

Definitely not as flaky as it sounds, lykke’s premise is to ascertain what all happy people have in common and then question what can be learned from the answers. This time, it’s not just our Scandinavian cousins who have the monopoly on the feel-good factor, around the globe societies have cultural traditions and rituals, which appear to promote happiness and wellbeing.

Aside from infrastructure and big societal set ups for work and home life that other countries may have and potentially do better than us at (such as education and work/life balance), there are also more basic, everyday ways lykke can be achieved. For example, the French as a society greatly value their meal times together, the Danes rate their ability to cycle safely around their towns as very important and the Finnish cherish their saunas. It’s really all about allowing yourself to enjoy some simple pleasures in life without feeling guilty and ditching any unrealistic expectations and pressure to feel happy in the process.

Below are some fun suggestions for you to potentially bring a little lykke into your life this February.


Do something fun together. Human beings are social animals and can thrive if they undertake something as part of a group. Host a supper club and make sure everyone shares the cooking responsibilities. Add in some fun where everyone has to make something new together such as sushi or homemade pasta. The process of learning new skills as a group can be a bonding experience and in turn, a happy one.

Too Much Information!

Switch off your smart phones, devices and social media notifications. Limiting your time spent on these will undoubtedly lead to more focus and less bombardment on your brain of superfluous information. By all means enjoy it for what it is, but toning down the tech a bit won’t do you any harm.


Do one thing well and without distractions. Focusing your concentration on one activity such as dancing, cycling, meditation or yoga for an hour gives your brain a break. This promotes a kind of mindfulness where your inner voice and critic is silenced for a bit – always a good thing.

CAUTION: If you are unsure of any new exercise regime please consult your GP before commencing.