Big & Beautiful

Big & Beautiful

by Sara Whatley

New mum Sara Whatley shares her fashion tips for dressing the big baby belly over the summer months, not always an easy job…

Dressing a baby bump stylishly can be a challenge at any stage, but when the weather is hot it’s tempting to wear nothing at all – unfortunately not always the most appropriate option! Thinking about what you can wear, let’s take a look at some summer options to keep you blooming mamas looking cool, in both senses of the word.

Not everyone wants to fill their wardrobe with specific maternity wear, or empty their purse for that matter, on clothes which have a relatively short shelf life. It’s definitely worth investing in a few key maternity items though – some leggings and smart work trousers if you need, maybe a pair of shorts for the summer, a dress, a few tops and a couple of jumpers. A swimming costume is a must too; trust me, a baby belly does not fit into a regular sized one!

For the rest of your wardrobe there are many fashionable options to wear which are not specifically maternity branded. Just make sure you try before you buy and maybe go up a few sizes.

Summer is the perfect time to find floaty smock dresses which happily skim over a growing baby bump, likewise with tunic tops and blouses which look great paired over some smart trousers or three-quarter length leggings. Empire line dresses can be very accommodating and flattering with their high-waisted cut and elongating skirt and are a good option for both smart and casual wear.

T-shirt dresses stretch with a ballooning belly (although they may never return to their original size again!) and for chillier days and evenings jumper dresses work well too. A long loose cardi fits at any stage, and can be easily closed with a pretty scarf tied over the top of the bump.

Pencil skirts made out of t-shirt material are very practical and comfortable too and will fit all the way through from small to big bump. Pleated skirts are another fab option, able to grow with you.

Choosing breathable fabrics will help keep your temperature down when the weather hots up – a lightweight cotton or linen are ideal. And open toed, wide fit shoes or flip flops will keep your feet happy – the last thing you want is tight straps digging into your swollen ankles.

One thing that always fits, no matter what your size, are accessories. If you are feeling a bit low in the style stakes invest in a mega pair of sunnies, or this season’s XXL earring trend – orals, tassels, beaded, sculptural plastics, faces – just make sure they are at least shoulder length. Layer up some delicate necklaces or instantly lift any out t with a statement brooch, big news on the SS 2018 runways.

Be big, beautiful, comfortable and relaxed this summer. Now put your feet up!