Ariel Hits The Mark Once Again

Ariel Hits The Mark Once Again

by Grace Graham

This show at the Hawth on the 3rd November led it’s audience through so many emotions. At times you were laughing and smiling and at others even reduced to tears in appreciation of the heat-warming display from both buddies and Othellos.

It was clear that everyone involved couldn’t help but radiate their pride in every aspect of the show. In particular the ‘Thank You’ from the Burgess Hill Buddies to their Othellos. This had me and probably many others in the audience welling up again due to how much they impact and care for one another.

The first act included a variety of numbers ranging from excellent unison dancing to challenging harmonies and lots and lots of comedy. One of my personal favourites was ‘Voices of Tyler’ where one of the very talented Othello’s conducted a monologue demonstrating a vast range of individual characters, even incorporating various accents or famous cartoon characters. The audience truly loved it and couldn’t contain their laughter throughout! Moreover, this showcase highlighted the talents of so many young personalities and many were even afforded the opportunity to present their LAMDA pieces. The effort that went into which was evident – we all loved watching and couldn’t help but smile with pleasure.

There were multiple musical theatre numbers across all of the academies such as Billy Elliot, Wicked and The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Nighttime, which was a particularly complex number with multiple character changes and even a very well performed canon dialogue. Hunchback of Notre Dame was incredibly moving, and they executed the story very well with wonderful characterisation especially from one of the young Othello’s who played the Hunchback. Finally, Nightmare before Xmas was fantastic with creative papier-mache neon characters who sang, danced and acted, I was in awe of their innovative ideas.

The whole audience loved each number no matter what it’s discipline and this is hugely due to the teamwork, affection and bonds shared between the Othello’s and their buddies.

Additionally, the aid of the Ariel Choirs brought richness with their wonderful harmonies and added to the magic of the show. If you would like to get involved in the choirs please contact us via their website

And, most importantly of course, we welcome your child to join the Othello’s or for our existing Ariel students to volunteer as a buddies on a Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30-7:30 by contacting

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this diverse and inclusive amazing group of people.

Photos by Stephen Candy