Adele's Metabolic Workout

Adele’s Metabolic Workout

by Adele Trathan

Work through each exercise, back-to-back, with as little rest as you can get away with. Time how long it takes you to do everything twice.

You should be hot sweaty and out of breath by the end. See if you can beat your time in a couple of days.

10 Press Ups

  • Do these against the wall, on your knees or regular press ups

20 Squats

  • Squat as low as you can go with a straight back and look up with your chest up.

30 skips

  • Use a real or imaginary skipping rope.

40 crunches

  • Lie on the floor with your knees bent and curl your shoulders off the floor and back again.

Caution: If you are unsure of any new exercise regime please consult your GP before commencing

If you suffer from high blood pressure, dizzy spells, pains in your chest or joint problems, if you are on medication or pregnant or have had a baby in the last 6 months, you should seek advice from your doctor before beginning any form of exercise.