Active Trending

Active Trending

by Sasha Kanal

Not only will you feel great as you jump into the New Year, but you’ll look the part too with Sasha Kanal’s guide to activewear trends for 2019

Activewear is now a firm fixture on the fashion map and despite its humble, rather pedestrian beginnings, is now a legitimate clothing genre with a billion-dollar market globally.

Things have certainly moved on from the days of throwing on a faded old t-shirt and joggers to go out for a run or exercising in boring leggings and a shapeless top. We now have ever more stylish, sophisticated and comfortable offerings from both high street outlets and designers alike.

Read on to discover the best activewear trends for 2019.

  1. Hiking is the ‘new’ yoga don’t you know? Venturing out into the fresh air and discovering all that our beautiful world has to offer is set to be big for the year ahead. But this is more than a faddy phase in the fitness industry. The zeitgeist is all about being humble and respectful towards our planet, acknowledging its might and fragility. Hiking is also free! Invest in a good pair of hiking or trail trainers to start with for ankle support. If you want chic, there are many gorgeous metallic parkas currently out there to wow up your walks.
  2. Talking of the natural world – natural, sustainable fabrics that are less impactful on our environment are having their moment in the sun, finally. Bamboo fibres are breathable, naturally sweat-wicking and thermo-regulating and oh so soft. Look online for the many companies now offering these garments as sportswear. Close fitting merino wool running tops have the same properties and look seriously luxe.
  3. Black is Back. After a few years of ubiquitous floral and animal prints, black is back on the fashion agenda big time. No one can deny its slimming and instantly classic properties especially when worn as workout gear. Just don’t forget to mix it up a little with colour as it has the propensity to make you look washed out. Black goes well with muted nude tones, pale pinks for a balletic twist or a rich claret for winter. Black textured fabrics look fabulous as sportswear too – so lace detailing on leggings, velvet puffer jackets or mesh inserts in t-shirts can really look the business.
  4. Celestial prints were all the rage on the high street in the first half of 2018 thanks to designers’ obsession with starry prints and iterations of the sun and moon on clothing. The activewear industry has taken note with some beautiful offerings in 2019 and some brands revealing collections with sporty pop art star prints or dazzling constellation patterns on leggings, tops and jackets.
  5. Embrace mellow yellow. This hue in all its forms will be big in 2019. From the rich burnt ochres seen lately all over social media (perfect for early spring) to the more zesty bright variations that will really work come summer on lightly sun kissed skin. Not everyone can wear yellow, so if you’re unsure incorporate it as a detail. A yellow ‘go faster’ stripe down the side of your black leggings – tick! A zingy yellow sports bra peeking out from under your black off the shoulder tee – done!