A Little Bit Of Calm

A Little Bit Of Calm

by Poponin

It’s a bit odd but I was finding it quite noisy at a time when we have sort of come to a stop. Earlier this week I sat down and whilst drawing I remembered the mindful range we have at poponin and how that came about.

I had drawn a big cow, filled it with flowers and for whatever reason decided to transfer it to wood and cut it all out and began colouring the flowers. Whilst colouring, my then 6 year old, asked if he could join in. There we sat, over a number of weeks, in front of this big cow, colouring, chatting,  laughing and doodling, it was hard to determine the moment of completion but the cow now hangs proudly in our home and still brings much joy.

Because of that I took the big cow and had it made smaller. I added designs to the range so others could enjoy regular colouring along with having something to keep when the colouring and doodling had come to an end.

From my own experience time spent colouring brings with it a sense of peace, calm and on the big pieces togetherness, where the battles and intrusions of the day stilled. There is a lot of research that shows colouring is good for you and it’s not just for kids.

We can’t get to poponin now to enjoy the wooden versions and I am not advocating you grab some wood, pick up a saw and get intricately cutting but if you have some old wallpaper, lining paper or even join pieces of A4 or A3 together, why not draw a big ‘something’ fill it with ‘something else’ and get colouring together.

Our range has Elephant, Penguin, Cow, Sheep and a Snowman, all filled with flowers.  We are thinking about adding dog, cat, fairy and gnome – any other suggestions welcomed.

Send us a pic of what you draw and colour to poponinhurst@gmail.com, we would love to see them. We could feature them in our newsletter.

Website: www.poponin.co.uk